5 reasons why Decathlon is the perfect place to get started with sports

If you’re looking to start a new sporting adventure, check out Decathlon today. We have everything you might need to get started with sports.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

If sports is something you've always practiced or even if you're just getting into it, you should visit Decathlon Ireland’s Sports Hub. With over 70 sports available, our Decathlon Dublin store is the perfect place to get started with a sport you've always wanted to try. Get directions here!

In addition to the wide variety of sports available, we've also got products at affordable prices, dedicated playgrounds for you to try before you buy and friendly teammates to help you get started. And, if you change your mind and don’t use the products, you have a full year to return or exchange them.

Here's 5 reasons why Decathlon is the perfect place to get started with sports: 

1. We have Ireland’s widest selection of sports

At Decathlon Ireland, we offer the widest selection of sports products in the country, with over 70 sports available both online at Decathlon.ie and in our Baile Munna Flagship Store. Whether you’re looking to try a new sport, or even if you are already an avid sports goer simply looking for some new equipment, or a new wardrobe addition, we are sure to have products suitable for your needs.

Not only do we offer a wide variety of sports at Decathlon Ireland, we also have products for all ages and sizes! We have products suitable for the teeny tiny athletes of the future, with baby swimming gear and accessories, baby snowsuits and of course we also have super comfortable and casual athleisure wear, suitable for the everyday activities and adventures for kids aged 0-4 years. 

We then have our children's range of sports products and apparel for boys and girls aged 4-16 years who love sports and will likely try many different sports before finding their passion. Allow them to discover 70 sports to find the one for them at Decathlon.ie.

Finally, we have our women's and men's adult ranges or sports products, with everything you can think of from gym bags, shoes, apparel & fashion, accessories, equipment and essential safety or protective gear. Our women's and men's sections are full of variety when it comes to the number of sports on offer, just like the children's categories, but they are also varied in their size offerings. With women's sizes from XS (UK size 4-6) up to XL (UK size 14-16) in our standard ranges, but up to 5 XL (UK size 26-28) in our Plus Size range. And our men's range offers sizes Small to 4 XL. 

2. Affordable prices

At Decathlon we pride ourselves in our offering of affordable sporting goods. We work closely with our brands and suppliers to get the best quality products with low prices to go with them. 

Our aim at Decathlon Ireland is to make sport accessible for the many in our country and one of the ways we do this successfully, is by offering entry level sports equipment at the lowest price on the market, while remaining to use high quality materials and designs.

One of the efforts that we commit to at Decathlon Ireland, is having the lowest price on the market for entry level products, equipment and clothing for over 70 different sports. This makes it easier and more affordable for our customers to try new sports without compromising on quality, while also saving with our competitive prices.

3. Try before you buy options

At Decathlon Ireland, we aim to offer you a tailored shopping experience, particularly when you shop in store. So, if you are unsure of a product for you or anyone you know, we will offer a try before you buy option on our designated playgrounds in store. 

Meaning that if you’re looking to buy a bike, for yourself or as a gift, we will allow you to take the bike to our cycle track out the back of our Dublin Sports Hub, so that you can give it a try before making your purchase. This allows you to find a bike that is the right fit for you, but also that you can find comfort in your bike while on your commute or cycle.

Similarly, with any of our scooters, roller blades, children's bikes and even golf clubs. We will allow you to test out our products to find the perfect one for you before you make your investment. Our team will also be on hand to give you any recommendations and adjustments that you may need.

4. Our teammates

We're one big team at Decathlon and if you're wearing a blue, white and orange gilet, you're a teammate. Like any team, we work together to achieve our goals and our main goal is to help our customers find the right sport and suitable products.

Our Teammates are sports fanatics and product experts. Not only do we offer over 70 sports but we try to practice as many of them as possible too. Across every sport, we have teammates who play at multiple levels, from brand new beginners to Olympic hopefuls. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we're here to help.

We work closely with our team to give them an understanding of individual products, which they then use with their own sporting experiences to make recommendations to you based on your budget, your skill level and your interests. Not only do we want you to find the right sport, but we also want you to find the right product.

Our support for you extends beyond the store with our Customer Service team. They are sports fanatics too and they understand the frustration in not being able to practice sports today. That’s why they’re here to support you online at any time after you have made the purchase.

5. 365 days return

We know how it is, one day you're inspired to start a new sport, the next day you're not. That's the great thing about sports, there's so much to try but not every sport will be for you. That's why, with Decathlon Ireland, you have 365 days to change your mind for any online purchase.

Here's how it works:

You have 365 days after your online purchase to return a product and ask for a refund. The product needs to be in original packaging with labels. Return your parcel with AnPost easily for only €4.95. Alternatively, you can return your online purchase in store with a copy of your online invoice as proof of purchase.

There's a few things to keep in mind if you are making a return. You can find out more information on our website.

For purchases made in our Baile Munna store, you have 30 days as standard with proof of purchase to return a product. However, if you provided your email address at the till while purchasing your product, the transaction will be linked to your Decathlon account and you can avail of the 365 days return policy.

What are you waiting for?

We are sports lovers, just like you! We understand that the joy of sport is something to be shared and we aim to make all sports available to everybody.

To get started, drop into our Baile Munna store - our teammates can't wait to see you. If we can't see you offline, you can visit us online at Decathlon.ie.

Discover the sport you've always wanted to try with Decathlon Ireland, you've got nothing to lose.