7 Sports you need to try from Decathlon Ireland

Sport should be fun, at Decathlon we have selected 7 sports that we believe are great fun, but also popular this year!
Decathlon Ireland
September 16, 2022

Why do we play sports? If you ask yourself this question, you’ll be sure to come up with a number of reasons. There’s plenty of correct answers but ultimately, we play sports because it’s fun!

At Decathlon, we have over 70 sports for you to discover (that’s a lot of fun). To make things easier, we’ve selected 7 sports you need to try so you can discover the joy of sport today.

1) Roller Skating:

2021 & 2022 has brought a lot of trends and inspiration, from fashion to sports and everything in between. TikTok has seen an increase in popularity for alternative forms of exercising, from skipping to roller skating.

Thanks to TikTok, many have turned to roller skating as a new, challenging and exciting way to keep fit during lockdowns and beyond. It is a great way to keep fit, with a growing community on social media platforms that gather together to share their skills and learn new ones.

Roller Skating is not only for pre-teens, young adults from 18-25 have really embraced roller skating in recent months. If you enjoyed roller skates or even heelys as a child or teenager, you're sure to relive the nostalgia of your childhood with a pair of roller skates.

Roller skating can be fun for anyone who can keep their balance, but for those that struggle, quad skates are a good starting point! 

Whether you meet with a local skate group in a park or public space, or whether you try some of Dublin’s indoor roller skating rinks, you’re sure to have a great time while burning calories.

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2) Hiking:

Hiking is another sport that many have tried as a once off, at least. It is definitely an outlet for adventure and the fresh air and exercise is something we can all benefit from no matter what.

If Hiking is something that you have had a chance to try at some point in your life, you will already know the sense of adventure that a good hiking route offers, which is nothing short of thrilling! Discover the nature our country has to offer from stunning landscapes to picturesque views, it is an unbeatable experience.

Hiking is something that everyone can take part in, even something that can be for the whole family, particularly with routes like the Howth Cliff Walk and Glendalough which can be considered moderate difficulty hikes, that are not too long and equally rewarding with the views and scenery.

A monthly hike with your family can be very rewarding and a great bonding experience, while allowing you to get outside with your loved ones. But alternatively, sometimes a hike by yourself, disconnected from work, home and life in general can have amazing benefits on your mental and physical health.

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3) Yoga:

Yoga is a sport that is beneficial to many, no matter what gender or age. Whether you are an elite athlete, an avid sports goer, or even someone who isn’t sporty at all. Yoga offers a range of benefits, including improvements in mobility and even releasing stress and tension, which is something that we can all benefit from. 

Yoga is a relaxing activity that is good for the mind and soul, with various styles or types of yoga to suit your needs. Where Vinyasa Flow offers a level of coordination between your breath and your movements as you transition from one pose to another, other styles such as Yin Yoga can require more patience and the ability to hold certain poses for as long as 5 minutes with the focus being on flexibility and mindset. 

Although it may be difficult to understand which type of yoga is best suited for you in the outset, it is worth exploring different styles to find the best suit for you. Once you do, you will not only become part of a community that is like minded, you will reap the rewards in terms of the many benefits yoga has to offer from flexibility to mindset improvements. 

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4) Golf:

If you’re looking for a sport that is more slower paced than the rest, you should try golf. While it can be challenging for beginners, it’s extremely rewarding once you get the hang of it. Another benefit of golf is the ability to enjoy the great outdoors.

When you graduate from the driving range to the golf course, you’ll get to experience some of the beautiful courses Ireland has to offer.

It is a sport that is suitable for all ages and at Decathlon Ireland we have golf sets for both adults and juniors. Unlike other sports, there are less physical demands in Golf and while there’s always the risk of injury, it’s common you’ll be playing rounds well into your older ages.

When you’re out on the course, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually playing a sport. Golf is a fun & sociable day out from preparing your clubs the night before, to teeing off on the 18th hole, it’s a joy to play with friends or even colleagues.

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5) Archery:

If you are looking for something new, unique and challenging, archery might be something you should consider. It is a sport that requires focus and accuracy, offering a sense of reward when you execute a great shot! 

The great news is, it’s not all pointed arrows. At Decathlon Ireland, we offer a range of archery products, including our family friendly, soft archery sets. Which are safe and easy to use while offering a fun, competitive activity for all the family to take part in.

Archery is much more than a sport too, it is an impressive skill that is sure to impress friends and family. It offers a competitive element too, which can make the sport more rewarding for those who choose to pursue the thrill of competition. 

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6) Billiards:

If you’re looking for a sport that’s sociable, you should try Billiards. You’ve probably played a game of billiards before, but you might never have played it at home.

At Decathlon, we’ve tables of all sizes that can be set up easily at home in under 30 mins.

Billiards is one of the best sports to play at home and anyone can play. Whether you’re living with family or moving in with friends, billiards is a great sport to bring everyone together. If you’re hosting an event, swap the dining table for a billiards table and keep your guests entertained for hours.

As we approach the wintery months of the year and we tone down on the amount of sport we play outside, Billiards can be a great alternative. It offers the same fun as playing outside from the comfort of your own home.

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7) Table Tennis:

If you managed to watch the Olympics this summer, you might have been amazed by the skill on show in the table tennis finals. Lucky enough, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to play.

Table tennis is a sport that anybody can play, no matter what age or skill level you are.

Table tennis will improve your hand-eye coordination and keep your brain sharp while some burn calories. It’s also a sport that’s easy on the joints so you’re less likely to get injured. In addition to keeping fit, table tennis is extremely fun.

It’s a good alternative to billiards and it offers friendly competition between friends and family and as a result, it’s a great party piece if you’re hosting a few people over.

With the Decathlon Rollnet, you don’t need much to get started. However, if you’re looking for something more professional, we’ve full size indoor and outdoor tables available as well as bats and balls.

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It’s important to remember that we play sports for many reasons but we ultimately play because it’s fun. Whether it’s one of the 7 sports mentioned above or a completely different sport, there’s joy to be had in playing.

At Decathlon Ireland, we want to share the joy of sport with as many people as possible. Visit decathlon.ie and shop accessible products across 70 different sports. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for and we can guarantee, it will be fun.

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