9 Iconic Decathlon Products You Should Know About

At Decathlon we innovate & create sports products with the sports user in mind. Read this blog to find out more about our iconic products.
Decathlon Ireland
March 9, 2022

At Decathlon, innovation is a priority. It allows us to make sport more accessible and allows sportspeople to have their ideas and inventions come to life. 

Over the years we have created many innovative products in collaboration with our team mates and customers, which can now be found on our shelves and online each day for you, our customer, to seek inspiration and try for yourself. 

Our innovations aim to shape the future of sport by providing products for over 70 sports with a keen focus on quality, performance, usability and sustainability.

You can shop our innovative products, along with products for over 70 sports, online at Decathlon.ie and continue reading to discover some of our favourite innovative products available at Decathlon.


Prices starting from only €10

Decathlon’s Rollnet brings the fun of Table Tennis into your home, without the need for a bulky Table Tennis Table. The adjustable net simply stretches across your dining room table or any other flat surfaces in your home, to mimic a table tennis table for only a fraction of the price

The rollnet is designed to suit any surface up to 90cm wide and 5cm thick and easy to set up in under 10 seconds. The net, bats and balls can be purchased individually, but also comes as a set with two bats and two balls, so that you have everything needed to enjoy sport on the go.

Decathlon's iconic Rollnet product. Making almost any flat surface easily transformed into a table tennis table.


Prices starting from only €25

The EasyBreathe Mask is a unique product that was invented by Decathlon as the world’s premium snorkelling mask. The snorkelling mask is a full face mask, offering a panoramic view and the ability to breathe through your nose and mouth while discovering the underwater world. 

Whether you are heading abroad or to the beach, discover the sea and everything that cannot be seen from the surface with comfort and ease for all of the family.

Decathlon's unique snorkeling mask. Easybreathe offering full panoramic view when snorkelling.

Quechua MH100 Hiking Fleece

Prices starting from only €7

Our eco-designed fleeces from Quechua have been well known for innovation since 2010, when we replaced wool with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fleece for many reasons, ranging from sustainability to comfort.

Our fleeces are non-itchy, fast drying and best of all, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, making our fleeces the more sustainable and more comfortable option for an essential, yet casual wardrobe addition. Whether it’s for hiking, or simply for running errands or to keep you warm on an evening stroll, our eco design fleeces are the perfect option. Available in a range of colours for women, men and children.

Ecodesign, sustainable fleeces for hiking

Football Goals

Prices starting from only €20

Replace the jumpers for goalposts and play with friends or family on all types of playing surfaces using our pop-up and inflatable goals. The Kage uses a clip-on corner system so that it can be easily set up anywhere. The Air Kage uses a built-in pump making it easier to install and dismantle, for even more fun. Both goals come with a bag and carrying strap for easy transport. Wherever you play, you’ll be scoring goals for fun.

Football nets for children.


Prices starting from only €75

If you're looking forward to your next camping trip but the thought of setting up the tent is stressing you out, we understand. That's why we created one of our most innovative products yet - the 2 second pop up tent. This self-standing tent can be pitched within 2 seconds and it's guided system makes it easy to fold. If you want a bigger tent without the added stress, check out the air seconds inflatable tent. This tent provides an all-in-one inflatable structure with a pre-assembled bedroom for extremely quick pitching. Less time pitching tents means more time with friends and family.

Innovative tents available at Decathlon.

Kayaks & SUPs

Prices starting from only €300

If you enjoy being in the water, we're pretty sure you will enjoy being on the water. Saying that, if you're a beginner in kayaking or stand up paddling, carrying around a rigid device isn't ideal. We wanted to make things easy, which is why we developed an inflatable kayak and stand up paddleboard. Easily transport the device using the backback provided and be inflated and on the water within 10 mins. Dive right in and discover the joy of kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

Inflatable watersports roducts available at Decathlon. Standup paddle board, kayaking

We innovate to bring joy to our customers everyday. In return, we get to experience the joys of making sports accessible to all. We seek to create ah-ha moments by fulfilling your needs with our latest inventions. Our innovation doesn’t stop here. Visit Decathlon.ie or drop in to our Baile Munna store and you’ll see innovation throughout our 70 different sports. We’ll see you there!

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