Back to School Checklist

We have compiled a list of products that we think you will need for children returning to school & returning to extra curricular activities this September, all available at Decathlon.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

Back to school can be a stressful period for many and there is so much for Parents to prepare each Summer to allow for a smooth transition back to school and back to normality with after school activities, sports and a return to a routine structure. To help, we have compiled a list of products that we think you need for children returning to school & returning to extra curricular activities this September.

☑️PE Shoes:

They are essential for all school activities and can be easily forgotten. We have a range of kids shoes available at Decathlon and we also have a state of the art ShoeSize machine in store, which 3D scans your child’s foot to recommend the best shoe and size for their feet. Ask for further information in store.

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☑️School bag:

Get a backpack to suit your child’s needs with bags in varying styles and sizes available online and in store. If you’re shopping in store, why not stop by our Workshop and have your bag personalised with vinyl printing and embroidery services available. Our team can also print vinyl stickers for your pencil case, sports bags and even uniforms, clothing and soccer jerseys.

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☑️Water bottles:

Hydration is key, for sport, cognitive function and general wellbeing. But single use plastic bottles are not the way forward. At Decathlon we have a wide variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly options with reusable water bottles starting from as little as €3 available both online and in store.

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The topic of sustainability is one reason to get an alternative mode of transport for heading back to school, be it a bike or a scooter. But another reason is the exercise and health element of having movement and fresh air before and after a day of learning.

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☑️Extra curricular supplies:

It can be easy to forget that as we return to the school season, extra curricular activities will also start to resume. At Decathlon, we offer equipment and apparel for over 70 sports, so we are sure to have everything you need from gym bags and swimwear to football boots and bikes. We have everything you need for to practice sports during class, or after class!

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