A buying guide for home & gym workouts

Whether your workout happens at home or in a traditional gym, with weights or bodyweight, we have everything you need from your gym bag and equipment, all the way down to the protein shaker for your post workout shake.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

Warming up:

Resistance bands: 

Resistance bands are a staple for any workout, whether it be an at home workout, or gym workout. They are perfect for warming up with some dynamic stretching and are great to use for some mobility exercises too. They are small and light and don’t take up a lot of space making them easy to fit in a gym bag or store at home for when needed. We have a range of resistance bands available in store and online at Decathlon.ie but our most popular long resistance bands are the Cross Training Elastic Resistance Bands which range in level of resistance by colour.

Green: 15 kg // Yellow: 25 kg // Orange: 35 kg // Red: 45 kg // Black: 60 kg

If you use the band for strengthening or warming up for your workout, start with a lower resistance and then gradually increase it. However, if you are using it to assist you during exercises such as pull-ups, a more resistant Training Band is best for beginners.

Resistance bands for home workouts and gym workouts.
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Glute bands:

Glute bands are the perfect piece of equipment for any level of workout, perfect for warming up and activating your glutes, but also for adding more resistance and intensity to the latter part of your workout. They are small and practical to tuck into your gym bag and we have plenty for you to choose from at Decathlon.ie. 

Our product innovation team designed our glute bands for resilience and durability, with different strengths so you can increase the intensity of your workout. But we also have an adjustable glute band that you can now increase the intensity with a strap instead of having to buy a second glute band.

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A cardio workout is great for the heart, your cardiovascular fitness and for your overall health. We have plenty of Cardio equipment available for you to buy online or in store for you to get your cardio done without joining a busy gym or having to brave the elements of the unpredictable Irish weather by running or cycling outdoors.


At Decathlon we have a range of treadmills to suit the needs and budgets of any fitness lovers. We have compact, foldable treadmills and some higher performance models too, depending on your goal, expected use, weight and budget you will for sure find the treadmill to suit your needs at Decathlon.

Exercise bikes: 

Like any other form of exercise, there is no one size fits all. If you don’t like running, try choosing something else. We have a selection of exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers and turbo trainers to find a cardio alternative that you will enjoy.


If you are looking for a cardio alternative that is more accessible and budget friendly, while still remaining in the comfort of your own home, you might want to try skipping. We have a range of skipping ropes to choose from and it is fun and is also one of the most effective cardio exercises available.

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Fitness comes in many different forms, whether it's weight lifting, cardio or even yoga. We cater for over 70 different sports at Decathlon Ireland and yoga is one of them. If you want to try yoga in 2022, we have everything you need. Or even if you just want to step up your mobility and stretching routine to aid performance in another sport, yoga is sure to be beneficial for you. We have a range of equipment from yoga mats, to yoga blocks and even weighted hoops for those that want to try something new and challenging in 2022.

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Workout clothes & accessories:

Workout Clothes:

When working out, no matter where it might be, you will need suitable gym wear, clothing and shoes. At Decathlon we have a range of fitness wear, for over 70 individual sports. Be diverse and explore some of our clothing ranges for Fitness, Cardio, Yoga, Running, Hiking and more on our website or in store now!

Workout Accessories:

At Decathlon, we also have a variety of gym bags and backpacks available, alongside water bottles, protein shakers and even nutrition supplements. We have everything you could possibly need to start or continue your fitness and sports journey into 2022 and beyond. 


Home workouts:

If you want to upgrade your home gym to reflect a commercial gym experience, weights will be essential. We have plenty of barbells, adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, ankle weights and medicine balls to level up your home gym. We also have a range of weight benches and racks if you really want to scale your home gym in 2022.

Gym workouts:

If you have a gym membership, you don’t need to bring your own dumb bells of course, but you might need some weightlifting accessories such as a weight lifting belt for back support, weight lifting gloves for grip support or maybe even a gym towel, protein shaker or gym bag. 

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