Christmas gift ideas under €50 for kids

Make your money stretch further this Christmas with some fantastic budget friendly gift ideas for kids, all under €50.
Decathlon Ireland
November 8, 2022

Christmas Gift Inspriation for kids, Under €50

The cost of living crisis, the impending recession, Christmas… It’s a very expensive time to be alive, that’s for sure! We understand the struggle of making your money stretch further than ever before and here at Decathlon we hope we can make it a bit easier for you at Christmas, with some fun and affordable Christmas gifts for kids under €50.

Whether they are gifts for under the tree, or gifts for family, take some inspiration or find your own inspiration online or in store now at

Let’s make this easy and go in age order! Looking for a gift for an older child, keep scrolling! But first up…


Shopping for a young child at Christmas can be difficult, it’s hard to know what they like or even more so, what to buy! There are so many options when it comes to young childrens’ toys, but we strongly suggest opting for toys that help with a childs’ development.

At Decathlon we have products in our Baby Gym category, which includes products developed specifically for psychomotor development.

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Baby gym tunnel:

Firstly, the Baby Gym Tunnel is great for promoting crawling and creating a mini obstacle course in your own home. The baby gym tunnel comes in two connectable parts allowing you to make gradual progress and the ties make it really easy to gather up and store away. For just €23 this is a great product for your childs’ development while providing fun.

Baby gym Balance Kit:

Next up, we have the Baby gym Balance Kit. This balance kit is a very affordable €50 and it’s great for helping children learn to balance and improve their psychomotor development from age 2 to 6 years old. It has 4 beams, 4 bases and foam animals for a variety of combinations and has even been tested within groups of young children.
“The results were clear: the children who used the product for several weeks improved their balance much more than those who did not”

Baby gym foam gross motor skills set:

Finally, we want to highlight our baby gym foam gross motor skills set. Which is designed around allowing and encouraging children to learn how to jump, aim and throw, and balance while playing and having fun. It offers a range of activities best suited to children aged 1-6 years old and the benefits have been approved by a psychomotor therapist. A fantastic product with amazing features and benefits for just €28.

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If your child is already walking, crawling or jumping, we also have some great gift ideas for you to help support their development, with heaps of fun activity involved of course!

Mini Trampoline:

Mini trampolines are an amazing way to keep a toddler active during the winter months, and could even be a trial run for getting a larger outdoor trampoline as they grow, for only €49 for our Kids’ mini trampoline it’s a great affordable option.
Jumping is also a great activity for young children, it will help them to develop strength, endurance, and balance, all while burning their excess energy without having to leave the house!
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Balance bike:

We all know riding a bike is easy when you know how. Young toddlers have a long road ahead if they’re just starting. But starting at a young age and promoting balance, safety and self confidence can help in the long run! That’s why our team suggest a balance bike. Our 10" balance bike is designed for kids aged 2 and up (85 to 105cm). And getting your child's first bike for only €49, that’s certainly something to be happy about!
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Unsure about what bike will best suit your child? Check out this blog where our experts have compiled some helpful information on buying a bike for a child. 

Resist 60 cm kids' gym space hopper:

This one ticks all the boxes! A space hopper is a super-fun, affordable, gift that will also bring countless hours of fun for a child. Coming in both Blue & Pink, the spacehopper is a great stocking filler or gift idea this Christmas.

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Think back to your favourite toys as a child, kids’ in 2022 might not be as different as you think? Some of these gift ideas have been around for decades and are still very popular products to this day. Get toys they will enjoy for hours on end while also keeping your child active!

Kage Football Goal:

We have a range of goal posts from small, portable inflatable goals to large goal posts. Find which goal post will best suit the age and ability of your child and find one to suit your budget. At Decathlon, a budget-friendly football goal option for a young child would be our Kage Goal starting at only €21. It is easy to set up and take down, with a cover and shoulder strap for easy transport from the garden to the local park, or however far it may go.

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Mini Basketball Hoop sk100:

A mini basketball hoop is a brilliant christmas gift idea, it is something simple that can provide some fun in their bedroom, without video games! Hook it to the back of their bedroom door and let them practice their skills. Who knows, it might even encourage them to throw their socks in the wash basket (or are we being too optimistic?).

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Kids' Wizzy Basketball:

The Wizzy is a size 5 basketball that is lighter than a classic ball. Perfect for younger, budding basketball players. For just €15, this durable ball suitable for indoor and outdoor use is a great gift to help promote activity, skill and most importantly fun.

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Teenagers can be the hardest age group to buy for at Christmas, their interests are far and few in between. The rise in social media and the digital world also makes for gadgets and devices usually taking the top spot for most wanted Christmas gifts, which can look very small in comparison to younger kids’ toys and gifts on Christmas morning. There are plenty of options for stocking fillers and gift ideas for teenagers at Decathlon, especially if they happen to like sports.

Push-up bar grips:

Push up grips, or even a pull up bar is a great gift idea for a teenager who is starting to show interest in fitness and the gym, helping them to progress at home with affordable home fitness equipment that can be stored away easily and doesn't take up too much space. Other gift ideas for teenagers interested in fitness include resistance bands, dumb bells, foam rollers and more. All available at fantastic prices from Decathlon, of course!

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Punching bag:

With prices for boxing punching bags starting from just €46, you can give the gift of sport, while also giving your teenager an outlet or hobby. Boxing is ideal for developing fitness and discipline and learning to exceed limits while cultivating self-control, rigour and respect. Boxing is a complete discipline that will allow the participant to channel their energy, tone their body and improve their endurance.

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Roller Skates:

Quad skates are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, with local community groups forming around skating. It is an extremely cool hobby that can be very impressive with practice. So if you have a sociable teenager that wants to try something new or a timid teenager who needs help integrating into new social groups, skating might be the perfect opportunity for them to join a group while being active. 

With quad roller skates at Decathlon starting from just €41 they’re a great gift idea for a teenager.

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Table tennis Roll net set:

If you have kids with a competitive nature, we have a great gift idea for you. What if we told you that you could have a Table Tennis Table set up for just €18 with Decathlon’s Roll Net Set (including the net, bats and balls). Perfect for family fun and a great stocking filler gift for any age.

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Looking to buy a bigger gift, or haven't found the perfect gift just yet? Browse Christmas Gift ideas online at with a range of budgets, sports and products to choose from.