Decathlon Ireland announces Limerick Store

We are delighted to announce that Decathlon is expanding in Ireland. We’re opening a Limerick store in 2023. This blog has all of the details.
Decathlon Ireland
January 26, 2023



Since we opened our doors in Baile Munna, we have set our sights on opening more Sports Hub’s across the country. After 18 months of sourcing, we have secured a long term partnership with Sigma Retail Partners for a 25 years lease in a strategic place for sport in Limerick, Parkway Retail Park. 

We aim to transform the way of shopping for the future and give a complete sports experience to sports lovers. Our Flagship store in Ballymun was built with this idea in mind and the Decathlon Limerick Sports Hub will follow the same concept. 

This Flagship concept will offer 5,000 sqm of sales area with our full range of own brands for 70 sports at incredible prices. It will also provide 1,500 sqm of “sport experience zones” which include a climbing wall, cycling track, indoor gym, football pitch, basketball court and an outdoor area for fitness - all which can be used by Decathlon members for free. A “sports community cafe” will also be on site, allowing Decathlon members to meet like minded sports lovers. 

The store will be located in a strategic commercial area with easy access from Limerick City Centre, University of Limerick and the wider residential area. There will also be 400 car spaces offering free parking to customers. 

In order to give the best experience of Decathlon to all in the Limerick area, we will recruit 60 additional teammates from the local community in January 2023. The roles will vary across store management and leaders, operations and ecommerce. We will also work closely with local coaches and partners for our sports events, sports community cafe and logistics. 

We want our store to be at the heart of Limerick city. To prove it, we want the Limerick people to name the store and decide on the range of products they want to have. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media. 


We will be accepting CVs for Limerick in January and February for the position of Sports Department Leader and Sport Advisors / Sales assistants. Our recruitment days will take place at the end of February, with a start date of the beginning of April. If you are interested in joining the Management team in Limerick please send your CV along with a Cover Letter to

See more information on our Decathlon Ireland Careers Page


We anticipate ecommerce will weigh 35% of our activity. Therefore, we will implement measures in our Decathlon Limerick Sports Hub to ensure our best selling products are available in Ireland for delivery in less than 48 hours, and for Click & Collect in less than 1 hour. 

Our online presence is already outperforming in the area as 64% of people in Limerick have been connected with Decathlon since we started our online activity in 2017. We will soon be able to give all sports lovers in the West of Ireland the full experience of Decathlon and make our affordable products across 70 sports accessible to the many. 


We want people to be able to practice sports because of Decathlon. Our ecommerce offering means Decathlon products are available everywhere in Ireland. Aside from this, we aim to guarantee the best proximity to our customers in Ireland. This is why we are still looking for commercial space or plots that could fit our Irish project in Cork, Galway, Waterford and Dublin for the long term to accompany our growth and encouragement of sport practice. 


The start of the Decathlon Ireland story has been a tremendous success. Decathlon products have been available online since 2017 and offline since June 2020, with the success of our Decathlon flagship store in Dublin, Decathlon Baile Munna. 

Despite the impacts of the COVID-19, the first 12 months of operation in Dublin was outstanding. We have 1,752 stores around the world and Decathlon Baile Munna was the best performing store opening worldwide in the company’s 46 year history


Despite the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, our activity in Ireland delivered 45 Million euros turnover in 2021, with 28% being achieved on our ecommerce platform. This is an increase in growth of 57% from the previous year. Our trend growth in 2022 so far is still double digit with the ease of restrictions and opening of the country. 

Ireland is clearly an extremely sporty country, and that gives us a great confidence in our long term investment, as a family-owned company. We are proud to facilitate the practice of sports just that little bit more everyday in Ireland. 


We have 70 sports available at Decathlon, both online and in store. However, there are some sports that are popular than others: 


Our hiking and camping equipment is loved by our Irish customers. We are number 1 in the world for camping/hiking/trekking equipment within our global network of 1,750 stores. 


Our surf, bodyboard and kayak equipment has become very popular. We are number 1 in the world for surf and stand-up paddle equipment within our global network of 1,750 stores. 


We sell more than 350 bikes per week, just in Ireland. We are number 1 in the world for road cycling bikes and equipment for men and women within our global network of 1,750 stores. 


We are number 2 in the world for rugby, table tennis and number 3 in the world for yoga, fitness and cross training. We are also the only Decathlon store in the world to stock Gaelic products.

Overall, our flagship Decathlon Baile Munna store is already in the top 10 for sales in the world, among 1,750 stores in 62 countries, and will probably reach top 5 in 2022. That gives us a great image of Ireland as a sporty country, and huge confidence for the future in our investment as a family-owned company. 

The store in Dublin has already welcomed more than 1,000,000 visitors since its re-opening last May. As part of our Decathlon Membership Program, already 400,000 loyal customers benefit from free sports classes in store every week. We are not just a sports store, we’re a hub for all things sport. 

To help understand the performance of Decathlon Baile Munna, we have sold the following quantities since we reopened the store after the third lockdown in May 2021: 

32,000 swim ponchos/changing robes for swimming in adult and kids sizes. We are the best selling store in the world for this product. 

30,000 backpacks. This single model is a 10L hiking backpack available for only 4 euros.

5,000 folding chairs in 4 months for camping and garden activities.

12,000 tents in 11 months across a variety of sizes. 

13,000 bicycles across a variety of bike types for both adults and kids. 

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