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Discover your love for running, with our free community running club at Decathlon Baile Munna every Wednesday at 7pm.
Decathlon Ireland
January 7, 2022

Looking to get into running but don’t know where to start?  Or are you already a runner and want to join a group?

Decathlon Running Club might be what you’re looking for!

Each Wednesday evening at 7pm, starting from our Store in Ballymun, members of staff and customers join us for a run ranging from 3km to 7km, led by one of our Sport Leaders who are passionate about running.  Some participants are complete beginners while others are experienced runners.

Why start running?

Running is a sport which is fun but also has many health benefits.  It can help improve cardiovascular health and as it is a weight bearing exercise, it can help strengthen muscle and bones.  Running regularly contributes to general health and fitness which can help improve quality of life and can improve your fitness levels for other sports.  Running also has many mental health benefits and is a great way to relieve stress.  The great thing about running is that it can be done anywhere and with very little equipment, making it an easy sport to start up.

Run routes

Depending on your individual goals or ability, you can choose whether you would like to do a 3k or 5k run or challenge yourself to a 7k run.  Subject to demand, we may even do other distances, just talk to a Sport Leader before or after the run.  Most importantly, everyone runs at their own pace and everybody’s level is catered for.

Decathlon’s flagship store is ideally located in Ballymun in North Dublin, close to the beautiful and historic Santry Demesne.  Santry Demesne is a mix of open parkland and woodland and is home to Morton Stadium and even hosted the European Cross Country Championships in 2009.  It is a well known training spot for runners in the area with many other local running clubs meeting to run there.    

Typically, each of our routes include running in Santry Park and woodlands as well as in the surrounding residential areas of Santry, Ballymun and Poppintree Park.  We switch up our routes on a regular basis which will allow you to explore more of our local community and also makes the runs more interesting.  

The benefits of running with a group

Although running is considered an individual sport, the team and community aspect of running is what makes the sport even more enjoyable.  Decathlon Running Club offers the people of Dublin a place to meet a group of like minded individuals to run with.

Apart from being more fun, running in a group has so many benefits.  Firstly, running with a group can make you feel more motivated about your running and training.  When running as part of a group, you will have a group that can help to motivate you to go the extra mile! Whether you run for fun, to keep fit or are training for a race, we can help motivate you and can provide you with a training plan to help you smash your running and fitness goals.  Secondly, running as part of a group helps to beat boredom on your runs.  We love to chat and run so much that we usually forget that we are running in the first place! 

Accountability and consistency are key to progressing in your running, whatever your level. Joining a group such as Decathlon Running Club will help hold you accountable for completing your runs.  As we meet on a weekly basis, running can become a part of your routine and this will help you become more consistent which will help set you on track to achieve your running goals.

With winter fast approaching and evenings getting darker, it can be a struggle to fit your run in during daylight.  Decathlon Running Club will provide a safe environment to run with other people during the dark and often cold winter evenings.

Getting Started with Running

Running is an easy sport to get started with.  All you need are comfortable sports clothes and a good pair of runners but make sure to dress appropriately for the Irish weather!  As we approach the autumn and winter months, we recommend layering clothes to ensure you keep warm and comfortable on your runs.  We recommend starting with a short sleeve and layering with long sleeve tops depending on how cold it is.  For the summer months, shorts are perfect but we recommend leggings for the colder months and if it is raining, a light rain jacket is essential.  When running in dark evenings, it is necessary to wear bright clothing and running lights for safety reasons.  

A good pair of runners is essential for comfort and for preventing injury.  In store we have shoes that are suitable for a wide range of distances from 5k all the way to marathon.  Our Sport Leaders in store can advise you on the best runners to suit your needs or you can browse our range of shoes and clothes online at       

To carry your keys and phone during your runs we recommend investing in a running belt or phone armband which can be found in store and online. A hat and gloves are often a good idea during the really cold winter months

Taking the next step

Once you have decided that you are interested in coming along to the Decathlon Running Club, all you have to do is decide what distance you would like to do and meet us outside the store any Wednesday at 7pm.  If you are unsure of what distance to run, a Sport Leader can advise you and our team will be there to motivate you along the way!  Make sure to inform a team member if you have any special requirements or any specific running/ fitness goals in mind and we will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals.

Decathlon’s motto is “Sport for All.  All for Sport”.  We want to make sport accessible and inclusive to all so whatever your running ability or experience is, there will be a group for you!

If you are unsure about starting an exercise programme, please contact your GP before commencing.

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