Everything you need for festival camping

Festival season is well underway & at Decathlon Ireland we have everything you need for festival camping this season. Read the blog for full details.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

Well campers! We are now entering the camping and festival season of the year! The weather is picking up and it is that time of the year to venture into the great outdoors and experience the beauty of nature. It is the season of making memories and living life to the fullest.


Festivals are making a return and for many, 2022 will be their first experience of a festival and naturally their first time camping at a festival too! We will give you the ins and outs of all the things you need to know about camping, especially now entering the gorgeous summer months when the majority of festivals are taking place. As we are now finally out of lockdown, we can enjoy the festival lifestyle again.

As some festivals take part over a number of days, you should be prepared to stay the night. While some venues don’t allow for on site camping, the majority of those do. This is where the camping aspect of festivals comes into play. Camping while attending festivals almost always leaves for great stories and many great memories. Even if that is the experience you had in the store while shopping for supplies or solely down to the time on the festival grounds. 



Many festivals have campsites for attendees, but some people opt for staying in a local hotel, B&B or even traveling to the festival each day. To get the most of your festival experience, we think you sould group up with some friends and go all in for a camping experience you won’t forget, it can be budget friendly (if you shop at Decathlon). 

There are so many benefits to camping during festivals. Not only do festivals allow for the expression and admiration of music and different artists, it also allows those who don’t really venture outside to experience the outdoors or maybe even learn to love camping and staying connected to nature. You have the opportunity to discover a new sport, all while meeting new people and having good times with friends. 


If you are heading to your first festival this summer, or maybe it’s been that long that you can’t remember what you need to bring, then keep reading because this blog is for you. 

No matter your skill levels or experiences with camping, we have the low down of what you need to know. We have everything you need in our Decathlon Ballymun store and online at Decathlon.ie. This blog will give you an insight into everything you need to make for the best trip. 

If you are a first time camper or an avid festival goer, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers will give you the essentials that you will need to ensure a good experience. 

WHAT IS THE BEST TENT FOR FESTIVALS? most popular tents here at Decathlon would be perfect for festivals. Firstly, our innovative 2Second pop up tent. water and wind resistant tents. buy tent ireland. Cheap camping tents ireland
Pop up camping tents from €69


Some of our most popular tents here at Decathlon would be perfect for festivals

Firstly, our innovative 2Second pop up tents, which are exactly what it says on the tin. With ease, you can pitch the tent in record time, all you need to do is open it up. 

Pop up tents are favoured by festival goers for their  effortless pitching and dismantling, there is no skill or previous experience needed and it gives you more time to enjoy the festival instead of fumbling with instruction manuals and poles! Our 2Second pop up tent folds up just as easily as it pops up and it is easy to carry with a strap that can go over your shoulder.

These 2 Second pop up tents come in a 2 person and 3 person, perfect for camping with friends. Some of our tents provided a fresh & black feature, which allows the interior of the tent to be darkened, even when bright outside and regulates temperature. No matter where you are living, the weather isn't always as reliable as we would like. In regards to camping at festivals in Ireland, we could have all four seasons in one day. This is why our tents are a great product to deal with all types of weather. They are all water and wind resistant. 


Now that you have your main piece of equipment in your basket, what other things do you need? The main essentials to go inside the tent would be a mattress and sleeping bags, of course! 

sleeping bags for camping in ireland. Festival camping. camping in ireland
Sleeping bags from €20


There are different types of sleeping bags to choose from. There are different degrees, the higher the number on the sleeping bag, then the thinner it would be. If the number is lower, then it would be thicker. So during the warm nights you would want to pick maybe a 15 or 25 degree sleeping bag

We also have single sleeping bags, double sleeping bags and even single sleeping bags that can attach together to form a double!


We have plenty of models of camping mattress’ available to suit all budgets, but our most popular and the one we recommend for those that would be looking for a little more comfort, is the Air Comfort Inflatable Mattress which comes in 70, 120 and 140 cm. 

For more convenience, there are also self-inflating mattresses. They are compact and easy to fit in your bag, you also won’t need to buy a pump! 

must have products for camping. Festival camping. Rain ponchos
Rain Ponchos from €12


As you know the weather is unpredictable in Ireland. We have a range of clothing to keep you warm and dry or cool and protected against the sun. In wet weather, rain ponchos are great! You may also want to bring a good waterproof jacket and wellie boots!

For the warmer sunnier days, you will want to be protected with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. To be on the safe side, we would recommend a first aid kit also just in case of some emergency. You will need a good sturdy backpack or bag to carry all of your supplies. We have some great backpacks ranging in size from our 4 euro 10L bags to our bigger 40L bags. 

Camping essentials, camping accessories, festival camping, camping in ireland
Camping chairs from €15


Some other products that you would need for your festival camping experiences would be small accessory items such as picnic blankets or camping chairs, so you aren't sitting on the ground. You would need to bring some food with you. If the festival grounds don't have any food trucks, you may bring some cooking supplies along with you such as cooler bags with ice packs or for even more ease, cooler backpacks. They come in a range of sizes from 15L to 35L all with plenty of space. You may bring cutlery with pots and pans too. 

Other small accessories for the tent would include a small lamp or a torch (especially with our blackout models of tents).


At Decathlon, we promote sustainability and affordable products for our customers.

Shopping in Decathlon for your next festival camping trip will make it a time to remember. We aim to make your festival camping experience the best it can be and by choosing Decathlon for your supplies you’re ensured a good time with long lasting, affordable and great quality products.