A Guide to Electric Bikes

A new trend has taken hold in recent years, Electric bikes (or ebikes) are on the rise, offering more affordable & convenient transportation than ever before.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023


An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion, essentially powering your bike to go further and faster with minimal energy output in comparison to a standard bike. 


Electric bikes in Ireland are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. They offer a more sustainable and convenient way to travel and they are more affordable than getting a car, especially with rising petrol costs.
Are you looking to go further faster? Do you want a flexible bike that will suit your lifestyle needs? Then Decathlon has a wide selection of electric bikes for you. Our available range suits various lifestyles such as urban, suburban, off-road and beyond. We take the weight of our bikes seriously, from the drivetrain, handlebars, the aluminum frame, the fork, the seat post, the saddle, the chain, built-in-battery, the motor, the brakes, the wheels we pride ourselves on a lightweight and flexible experience across all models. 

In this blog, we have compiled the top three benefits of riding an e-bike along with some of the frequently asked questions for electric bikes.


1) The first benefit of riding an electric bike is that it makes cycling easy. 

With electric bikes you don't have to pedal constantly, you just need to pedal enough to give the bike some momentum before switching on the engine. It's a great option if you like cycling but want to decrease your commute time or similarly for people who are less physically fit or new to cycling and struggle pedaling uphill or long distances!

2) Secondly, electric bikes save you money.

Electric bikes at Decathlon Ireland are affordable with great warranties and guarantees from our in store workshop in Decathlon Ballymun. You also save money on petrol costs which are increasing significantly in Ireland. An electric bike gives you the option to save money while also choosing a more sustainable mode of transport. 

Instead of taking your car or commuting by bus or train, you can use your electric bike without worrying about expensive petrol prices in Ireland or high levels of CO2 emissions.

3) Finally, electric bikes can provide more fun than cycling traditionally does.

If you've ever attempted to cycle up a steep hill and felt like throwing your bike down halfway up, then you'll know what we mean. You won't get this problem with an electric bike, as it takes away all of the hard work! An electric bike can make your journey more efficient and even faster. Electric bikes are perfect for commuting too as they let you keep fit while doing something productive (rather than sitting on public transport). There are lots of benefits to owning an electric bike and we hope these points have helped shed some light on them!


Lightweight and efficient, Decathlon electric bikes can be taken anywhere and by anyone; our electric folding bikes that are easy to store benefit commuters who use public transport or can fit nicely in your car boot. Decathlon is also involved in the Cycle to Work Scheme, which aims to get commuters to and from work on a bicycle, while helping you save up to 52% on a new bike and accessories from Decathlon..  

It is an inclusive mode of transport; you do not need tax, insurance, or a license to operate a Decathlon e-bike while delivering speed, ease of use, and ease of access. You will only have to think about where to go and who to take along for the ride.


If you are now interested in purchasing an electric bike, you will quickly realise there are many options and brands selling electric bikes in Ireland. At Decathlon Ireland, we sell a range of electric bikes online and in our Decathlon Ballymun Store. If you can’t visit us in store and get a personal recommendation from our experts in our cycling retail team, don’t worry as we have compiled some information to help you choose the best electric bike for you.

Electric bikes come in many different shapes and sizes, and when choosing an electric bike, you'll want to consider how you'll be using it most. There are many factors to consider when selecting an electric bike; whether it is what level of rider you are, what kind of terrain you plan on riding over and how much time you plan on spending biking. If you're mostly commuting on flat, city streets, you'll want a bike with a lower wattage motor that can cruise easily. If you're looking to do more off-roading or hill climbing, you'll want a bike with a higher wattage motor. You'll also want to make sure the bike has enough battery life to get you where you're going. 

Thankfully at Decathlon Ireland, we make buying an electric bike even easier, as we have developed a guide for bike purchases to help identify which bike suits you most. Once you know which bike suits you, simply look for the electric bike model. For example, if you will be using your electric bike on mostly off-road terrain with hills, you should opt for an electric mountain bike. Decathlon has a range of electric mountain bikes for you to choose from. Similarly we have Electric City Bikes, Electric Hybrid Bikes and even folding electric bikes.

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There are many options available for buying an electric bike online, we strongly recommend buying an electric bike with a warranty and guarantees for your own piece of mind should anything happen to your ebike. We understand that buying a bike online without having a physical store to contact for support will make things difficult if you have any issues. That’s why when you buy an electric bike online or in store at Decathlon Ireland you have a lifetime warranty on your bike frame, stem and handlebars (aluminum & steel frames forks included). Our standard warranty for other parts and components is 2 years. No forgetting, we offer 365 days return policy on all of our Decathlon products. 

Additionally, All bikes purchased both online or in store from Decathlon Ireland can avail of a free bike service within 3 months of the bike purchase date with no pre-booking required. (First free service takes roughly 30mins, other services may take longer). 

Our mechanics will always aim to fit a first free service in while the customer is in our Decathlon Ballymun store (you don’t have to leave the bike and come back).

Similarly, if you have any issues with your bike we can repair it in store in our workshop. 



With up to seven speeds, with a receptive throttle, our electric bikes can take you anywhere on the weekend. From paved roads to the coast to mountain terrain, we have an electric bike (and a saddle) to suit your cycle. You may require mud flaps or a saddle rack, you might want this all stripped away for maximum speed. Our record for setting up our bike is 15 seconds (maybe you will be the one to beat our personal best). Our electric bikes have a hybrid option; if you want to cycle for leisure or health, our bikes will suit your ride style. Our electric bikes have a long battery life which lasts a certain distance (up to 35km) depending on the electric bike you choose. Our speeds can be broken down to several modes to conserve battery life; economy mode, normal mode, and sport mode. With the correct tire pressure (4.5 BAR) you are at your optimum ride speed.   Our compact battery packs are easy to store and charge. With well-balanced brakes, your journey is smooth from start to finish. On some models our brushless motor is secured to the rear wheel that responds brilliantly with our pedal sensors that result in smooth transitions between each mode. 

Our Electric bikes have enough motor and torque to take a slope or bridge quickly. The extra speed will reduce your ride time as you and your friends and family will not have to stop along the way to your destination. With all this extra energy you save, you may want to explore more of your environment, and with our long-lasting battery, you can go further than ever. Of course, we offer hybrid bikes that you can use to suit flexible needs. You can improve your cardio or take a nice relaxing ride; you define what general-purpose riding means to you.  


Some of our models also offer compatibility with a child seat to transport your little ones safely and comfortably on the bike's pannier rack. When you no longer bring them for a ride on your bicycle, we also offer kids bikes to suit their growing need for independence. 

Safety is not forgotten at Decathlon. You will also find a wide range of accessories, for the whole family, in shop or online to ensure your visibility and safety on the roads: helmets, jackets, gloves & high visibility clothing for cycling.


Electric bikes are also better for those around in terms of reduced noise pollution; our electric bikes are silent. They are a far cry from the noise produced by a car's engine or motorbike. You will only hear a peep from the electric bike when you take a hill, and the motor has to push itself harder (better the motor than you, we say). Noise is not the only pollutant that electric bikes cut down; using an electric bike instead of more traditional means of transportation such as cars and motorbikes will decrease your carbon footprint