Help your child find a sport they’ll love

Choosing an extra curricular sport or activity for your child can be difficult. In this blog we discuss the importance of sports for kids and how you might discover your childs' passion for sport.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

Sport is an important part of a Childs' development for many reasons from personality to socialisation. It’s also important for long term health and personal satisfaction, discipline and even stress reduction. Sport shapes who we are as individuals and for these reasons, we encourage everyone to take part in some sort of sport or activity and to find one that they enjoy.
However, we understand that for our children, choosing an extra curricular sport or activity can be difficult. Particularly when there are so many sports available.


Here at Decathlon, we understand the difficulty in deciding on just one sport, so we have spoken with some members of our team and they have each given us a reason why they love and practice their sport. We hope that this gives you and your family some insight and motivation to find your childs’ passion within sport.

Dale - GAA: 
“I play GAA, and the reason why I have continued playing this sport throughout the years, is because of the element of community and togetherness that the sport offers me.”

Nicole - Dance: 
“I have been a dancer since the age of 3, and I love the freedom of expression it offers me, in a way that words can't. I appreciate being able to train and compete as an individual, as many other elements of my life involve teamwork which gives me a balance.”

David - Football: 
“I have played football since I was 4 years old and I love the teamwork and competitive nature of it. For me, the best part about football (and team sports in general) is the lifelong friendships I have made through playing sport! There is nothing like sharing the victories and defeats with your friends.“

Ann Michelle - Horse Riding: 
Horse Riding has been the most rewarding sport I’ve ever experienced. I have an amazing bond with my horse and there is nothing that compares to that. I get to push myself to my limits while also caring for and bonding with my horse. 

If you are looking for an ideal sport for your child, there is no right or wrong answer. We would recommend allowing your child to choose. Perhaps trial one or two for 6-8 weeks to allow them to decide if it’s something that they have grown to love, or maybe it’s not the sport for them and that’s perfectly fine too. Simply try again and encourage them to find an activity or sport that they do enjoy and that they can be authentically themselves while doing so.

If you or your family are interested in trying a new sport, or even if you are rekindling a love for a sport you’ve played in the past, check out Decathlon today! We have over 70 different sports under one roof in our Ballymun Flagship, with playgrounds, pitches & courts for you to try before you buy or simply get practicing. 

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