How we provide high-quality products at affordable prices at Decathlon

It's easy to assume that low price means low quality, but that isn't the case at Decathlon. Read this blog to learn how we have low prices, with high quality.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

When you visit a Decathlon store for the first time, it's easy to be amazed by the number of sports on offer. Our Decathlon Ireland Baile Munna store is no different. As you discover over 70 sports, you'll notice the high quality and low price of our products. At Decathlon, we believe sports has the power to change lives, which is why we encourage everyone to practice sports in some shape or form. In order to help people practice the sports they love, we aim to give our customers the best products at the lowest possible price. That's how we offer real value every day.

For 40 years, Decathlon has led the way toward high-quality, low-price sports products with a model that produces the best value-to-price ratio in the market. What does this mean? Well, if you're an aspiring athlete or just getting started in the sport, it's easier to access the best products at the best prices available.

At Decathlon, we believe in the transformative power of sports. We know that the way to do it best is to give our customers the best products at the best prices. We don’t offset the cost of creating great products on to the customer. Instead, we have invested in our high quality, low cost model. creating our own passion brands, designing our own products and controlling logistics - all of which create affordable products for sports lovers in Ireland.

It's easy to assume that low price means low quality, but that isn't the case at Decathlon. We aim to lower our costs across a number of different areas which allows us to lower our prices.

Let's take a look at how we do it through our integrated approach.


If you purchased a product from Decathlon before, you might have noticed that there is very little Decathlon branding. In fact, you'll probably find a completely different brand like Quechua, B'Twin or Kipsta, among others. These brands are what we call Passion Brands and Decathlon is made up of a growing number of them.

By bringing our brands in-house and having our Passion Brands live under one roof, it allows us to combine our R&D resources and innovations. As a result, this creates better efficiency for us and lower prices for you.


At Decathlon, we believe that sport is for everyone and that nothing should stop you from practicing a new sport or favourite sport - especially price. This is why we created products at entry level prices across our 70 sports. We call these our ‘first price products’ which means you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price - you can have both.



We design our own products. By doing so, it allows us to create the best possible product at the lowest cost. Our designs teams have the knowledge of what it takes to create the best possible product across all sports. They also have complete control over the entire process, from the idea generation to the finished product. It's this knowledge and control that produces high-quality products at low prices. Every design team is conveniently located in the geographical area where their sport is most accessible and frequently practiced, allowing us to observe and collect feedback from users. For example, Quechua, our passion brand for Winter Sports and Hiking has its design centre located at the foot of Mont Blanc, France.

Our teams are constantly searching for ways to improve the process and simplify designs without sacrificing the quality of our products. By doing so, it allows us to continuously innovate within each sport.


The promise we make to our customers is satisfied or satisfied and this is reflected in our 365 day return policy and our extended warranties across many of our products. We want all of our customers to be confident in the purchases they make and happy in the sports they play. To make this a reality, we invest heavily in where we engage with you the most, our Decathlon Baile Munna store. Our in store team is made up of sport leaders and they are at the forefront of everything: interacting with customers, connecting with sports users, collecting feedback on products.

Our mission is to deliver the best experience both online and in-store. In-store, we observe your preferences to optimize replenishment, and online we observe reviews to improve our performance. In doing so, it allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our Decathlon customers by providing them with high-quality affordable products throughout every stage of their sporting journey.


The way we do business means that we have significantly lower profit margins than our competitors. The whole process is streamlined, so there is no accumulation of margins that falls on the customers, when they purchase with Decathlon. Lower margins means lower prices for you. We aim to make sports accessible to the many and we don't want price to be the reason for it not to be, especially when we can step in and make a difference. We take smart costs into consideration and focus on areas where we can save, so we can lower our prices and allow you to access sports products that you can enjoy, with low price sports equipment.

We believe in the value of sports for better living, so we focus on maximizing the true value of our products. For over three decades, we’ve innovated our business model along with our products to bring you the best in sports for the best price. 

If you've yet to visit our Decathlon Baile Munna store, why not take a trip and see our high-quality affordable products for yourself. Our sports leaders will be happy to help find the product you're looking for at a price we know you'll be happy with.

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