Row Hard or Go Home - Partnership

Decathlon Ireland are proud to support 9 Irish men who set out to row across the Atlantic ocean in 2022. Read more about their story in this blog.
Row Hard or Go Home
January 12, 2022

What is Row Hard or Go Home?

Row Hard or Go Home is a group made up of 9 Irish men, who set out to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2022 while raising funds for charity, as part of the Tallisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.

4 Guinness world record breakers, 
1 International Surf Lifesaving Champion,
4 Military Pilots, 
5 Business Owners,
1 Underwater Mine Clearance Divers,
1 Bagpipe World Champion.

Our core strength is our team. We came together, driven by our passion for adventure and the desire to see what we can achieve through hard work and dedication. 

What is The Tallisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge (TWAC) ?

The TWAC is the premier event in ocean rowing. A challenge that will take us more than 3000 Miles from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain (28oN 18oW) to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda (17oN 61oW). Our race begins in December 2022 with up to 30 teams participating from around the world. 

What are some of the difficulties we will face?

During the race will battle with sleep deprivation, salt sores, and physical extremes inflicted by the race. Rowers are left with their own thoughts, an expanse of the ocean and the job of getting the boat safely to the other side of the Atlantic.

Why would anyone do this

The mental and physical endurance will result in a life-changing achievement that will never be forgotten. 

Our aim as a group is to inspire hope, belief and motivation for people of all ages who have, and still, deal with dark times. As a bunch of normal people, we aim to show the World that anything is possible as we row through an unsupported 4800km across the vast Atlantic Ocean.  

How can you follow our journey?

You can follow our journey over on our Instagram account which you can find by clicking here, or over on our website which you can find here. Decathlon Ireland will also be supporting and sharing some of our highs and lows throughout the journey, along with some collaborations, competitions and more, so be sure to keep an eye out for that on their instagram.

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