The Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon - About the Event

Everything you need to know about Dublin’s only pool based Triathlon - The Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

The Ballymun Health and Fitness Festival, Ger Prendergast and Decathlon Ireland have teamed up to bring Triathlon to Ballymun! The inaugural Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event which will take place on Saturday, July 2nd 2022, with Dublin’s only pool based Triathlon alongside options for Try-a-tri and a Bike, Run and Row option.


The Ballymun Health and Fitness Festival is the self-proclaimed leading health and wellness group in Dublin, highlighting the importance of both mental and physical fitness since launching in 2020. The groups’ primary goal is to show the positive side of Ballymun, while changing the culture and improving health and wellness in the community and beyond. 

The group originated close to the time of Decathlon Ireland’s opening of their Flagship Ballymun Store at the beginning of the Global Pandemic in 2020 when Dean Scurry, Paddy O’Reilly and Gerard Prendergast teamed up to set up a number of events locally for the community to get involved in virtual events, moving along to a range on in-person events post-pandemic. They have partnered with a wide range of coaches, sports people and professionals locally to provide many of these events, making sport widely available in the community.

The Ballymun Health and Fitness Festival group has a range of events upcoming this year following some very successful events to date. The group have teamed up with Decathlon Ireland to support many of these events so far, and the Triathlon, the Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon will be the biggest in the partnership, so far. It is an inaugural event which will hopefully be available for many years to come. 


Since the Ballymun Health and Fitness Festival launched the Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon it was very clear that the community was keen to support all events on offer on the day. The event very quickly saw high volumes of entrants and is looking like a promising event for sell out year on year already! To no surprise this year's inaugural event is already sold out.

It will be Dublin's only pool based triathlon, a perfect opportunity for those who are new to the sport or trying triathlon for the first time. The pool allows for a slightly easier swim element than a sea swim as offered by a standard Triathlon competition and is proving popular. All involved are delighted to see the event take place so locally.



There is a Try-a-Tri swim option of 400m swim, followed by a 20k cycle and finishing with a 5k run. Perfect for first-time triathletes to get a feel for the events and the sport overall.

The Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon:

The main event consists of the sprint distance triathlon, which is a 750m swim, 20k cycle and a 5k run. For many experienced triathletes and some brave first-timers this popular option is set to be an exceptional event.

For all of the events in the Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon they will start at Ballymun Leisure Centre and will begin with the swim element.

The roads and pool make the Ballymun Decathlon Triathlon ideally suited for first timers. 

The event will be run in eight “waves”, the first of them at 7am, with further waves every half hour until 10.30am. 

The modified Tri:

Taking part in a specially modified event, with indoor rowing substituted for the swim,  are ten students  of Trinity Comprehensive School, who’ve been training hard for the past three months.

Parking & Registration details:

Event parking is located at Trinity Comprehensive School, across the road from the Ballymun Leisure Centre where Registration and transition areas are located. 

You can get further details from the race director Ger Prendergast  of GP Tri Coaching/GP Mind & Body Fitness at  085 2721770 or

You can find more information on the Ballymun Health and Fitness Festival on their Instagram.

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