Top 3 Bucket List water sports for this Summer!

Make the most of your staycation activities this Summer with the top 3 bucket list water sports: SUP, Kayak and Sea Swimming.
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September 20, 2023

Summer 2021 was an uncertain time with limitations on foreign breaks and much-needed holidays after covid-19 restrictions were prevailed for another year. But now that 2022 is here, we can be quick to jump on a plane without realising what amazing activities and adventures we can discover from the luxury of our own island of Ireland.

Sea swimming and water activities have been increasing in popularity in recent years, particularly in Summer months. So we have compiled a list of what we expect to be the Top 3 Bucket List sports for this Summer, that you don’t want to miss out on!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

First on the list, we have Stand Up Paddleboarding, a new phenomenon in the world of water sports in Ireland. SUP is the calmer alternative to surfing, ideal for East Coast Irish waters and inland lakes and canals. The inflatable board is easy to set up and will ensure you let no fine-weather day go to waste this Summer. 

A SUP board is sure to be a product that will not only take the activity outdoors, but offshore altogether. So whether you get the whole family on the water, or just want to step up your sunrise yoga game, you want to invest in a stand up paddle board this Summer.


Second on our list is Kayaking, a sport that is very well suited to the waterways of Ireland. Although perceived to be difficult, kayaking is relatively easy when you have good weather and water conditions. 

Kayaking is a fantastic activity that offers the paddler a close-up experience with water, without having to be in the water. It is a less intensive water sport that allows the user to move at their own pace allowing you to truly stop and absorb some amazing views that come with the adventure of kayaking. 


Swiming, particularly Sea Swimming & Dipping has shown an increase in popularity in Irish Sea’s since the first lockdown. The best part is that there is little to know equipment needed and recent studies have shown huge health benefits of sea swimming and even short sea dips. From sea rise swimmers to the Dublin Dippers, there is something for everyone when it comes to the coast line. 

But remember, even in Summer time the sea can be fairly cold so be sure to wrap up warm before, during and after your swim. We recommend a swimming poncho, which serves multiple functions, to dry, keep warm and make changing easier after a swim!

Regardless of the water sport you chose, always be sure to wear a personal floatation device or buoyancy aid when out on open waters.

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