What to pack for backpacking or interrailing this Summer

Check everything you need off your list for interrailing or back packing. Our team have gathered all of your essentials into this blog.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

With restrictions easing up this may be the first time many will take on the adventure of backpacking across Europe this summer. We've put together a complete list of what you might need for this trip that we sell here at Decathlon Ireland.



For a 3 week backpacking or interrailing trip it's recommended to bring between a 50L-70L backpack. Our travel and trek range of bags are perfect for interrailing due to the comfortable support, durability and space they offer. A 10L - 20L backpack would be perfect for exploring a city also so you're not carrying everything you own all day every day for 3 weeks straight.


Bag accessories such as a carabiner, which can clip on the outside of your bag allowing easy access to a water bottle, or waterproof bag cover may also come in handy on your trip. For the inside of your bag, bag separators or bag organisers will make your life so much easier so you don't waste half your trip rummaging through your backpack. They can also help to separate your dirty from your clean clothes, which is something you should want to do (we don't want any body odor on clean clothes!). Our Forclaz Kit of 3 travel storage bags are perfect for dividing up your belongings.

Don't over pack or under pack when you're preparing for an interrailing or back packing trip, because you will have to suffer the consequences. Over packing will result in a heavy backpack having to be carried around, which might slow down your adventures or by under packing for backpacking or interrailing you might not have suitable clothing for all cities and weather possibilities.

Our suggestion, pack lightly but also pack one of everything that you could need, including a rainproof jacket (you definitely don't need two, be clever and save space for your essentials). Travel size cosmetics and toiletries are also a great option when backpacking or interrailing, they are compact and won't take up unnecessary weight or space in your backpack.


As you are going to be decked out in all Decathlon products, people are naturally going to get jealous and want to have everything you've got. A TSA approved travel padlock is a great way to have peace of mind, knowing your belongings are safe back at the hostel while you explore the city. While out exploring in many European cities, you're also going to stand out as a tourist, and pickpockets love tourists. Our advice, get a thin and discreet bum bag, which can be worn under your clothes and can hold notes, passports, bank cards or any other light, thin personal belongings. Our Forclaz RFID bum bag even includes an RFID blocking system to protect you against data theft (very fancy & high tech, but for just €10 its a steal that will help you from being a victim of any theft).

On any trip it's important to come prepared. Another product that can help you prepare for the worst is a first aid kit, our 41 piece first aid kit can help meet the basic needs of small wounds so that they don't ruin your day out. Blister plasters may also come in handy as your feet can suffer from all of the walking, even in the comfiest of shoes.


As you are going to be living in hostels and on trains for a few weeks, it's important to pack the right gear to make existing a little easier. We recommend investing in the basics, like folding plastic cutlery, a toiletry bag, a neck pillow and even an eye mask can make your day to day much more comfortable and they will definitely make  the train journeys a lot more bearable. They are often easily forgotten when packing for a long trip but interrailing is much less stressful with these basics.

As it is almost Summer, or it will be by the time you head on your adventures, it's only natural that you will want to visit the beach or a pool of some sort. Regular towels are quite bulky and you want to save as much space and weight in your backpack as possible. Microfiber towels are compact and quick drying making them perfect for travelling. A waterproof pool pouch for storing your wet belongings would also come in handy. If you're any way pale or tend to burn instantly when your skin gets a glimpse of the sun, a sun protection kit is a must. Trust us, sunburn is not fun, so pick up a high SPF sun cream and aftersun care pack.


Along with bringing the right equipment when going interrailling, it is equally important to pack the right clothes to conserve space and to make your trip as comfortable as it can be.

As most European countries tend to be in the Summer months, the weather is warm and you'll be doing a lot of walking, it's important to wear a t-shirt that's breathable and helps wick away the sweat. Something affordable can be our MH 100 t-shirt which dries quickly andis made from stretchy material allowing freedom of movement and helps manage moisture. A merino wool t-shirt is also another option. Merino wool helps to control odors (so you don't smell); it is super soft, very breathable,  stretchy( allowing for freedom of movement) and also has high absorption capacity to removes the feeling of dampness.

A great way to conserve space is to pack modular zip-off trousers that turn into shorts, our MT 100 model is quick drying, easy maintenance meaning you don't have to iron them, they are also breathable making them perfect for this kind of trip.

It's also important to always pack for the worst. So incase of rain , a compact waterproof jacket that can fold away into its pocket to conserve space can be a life saver, such as the NH150 Vert Blue (a personal favourite of our team).


All our products can be found online Decathlon.ie or visit us in store and we would be more than happy to help you prepare for this amazing trip!