The ultimate checklist for your 2023 Ski Trip

Heading on a Ski Trip in 2023? This checklist will give you the perfect understanding of all of your Ski Trip Essentials.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023

The 2023 Ski Season is fast approaching! Regardless of if it is your first ski trip or your fifth, we have compiled the ultimate checklist for Ski Trips. Continue reading to make sure you have everything you need for the slopes.

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This checklist will be based on one of our Decathlon team mates, who is heading on a 7 day ski trip this January. Feel free to make any adaptations based on the length of your ski trip.

Let’s start with the basics and bases of your ski essentials

 1. Base Layers:

Base Layers are essential for a ski trip, they ultimately keep the body heat close to your skin and provide a layer of warmth.

Eimante is taking two bottom base layers for her entire trip & one long sleeved top base layer for every 2nd day of her trip (if you sweat quite a bit, you can opt for one top per day).

For her ski base layers Eimante chose a mix of Wedze Ski Base Layers, but also our Kipsta Football Base Layers from Decathlon. Of course, you will also need sports bras and underwear for the slopes and for your Apres Ski!

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2. Socks:

Eimante know’s from experience that socks designed for skiing are best on the slopes. Cotton socks will absorb any sweat or moisture and will actually make your feet cold, so ski socks are definitely recommended, 1 pair per day should be plenty.

A thick sock made from synthetic blends or merino wool is preferable, but socks specifically designed for skiing will stay in place, which means you also will help to avoid any blisters while on the slopes.

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Skiing is a cold one. You will want to layer it up!

3. Mid Layers:

Considering that we already spoke about Base Layers for Skiing, Mid Layers should be fairly self explanatory. But in case you are new to skiing, a mid layer is recommended for the slopes for an additional layer of warmth, between your base layer and your outer layer which we will discuss below. 

Two mid layers for a seven day trip should be plenty.

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4. Outer Layers

Your outer layer for skiing is your wind and water resistant layer, which will give you a level of protection against the elements, wind and snow in particular. This layer will help you stay warm and dry and should realistically have 2 parts.

Your Ski Jacket

Your ski jacket and ski pants will be ultimately important, you will need one of each and you want them to be weather resistant. Many products developed for skiing or winter sports in general will let you know if they have been weather tested and the types of weather the product has endured. Once you get a good level of protection, the style and price tag is ultimately personal preference, the only think our experts remind us to keep an eye out for is the pockets, which you want to have a couple of easy to access pockets for you phone, ski pass, etc.

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Your Ski Pants

For ski pants, there are two options, which again really only are down to personal preference, so long as they are weather resistant. The option is between a standard pant or salopettes, which are essentially ski trousers that have braces to hold them up.

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Other Skiing Essentials

5. Essential Ski Accessories

There are many other items or accessories that our team recommends bringing on a ski trip. Some of which include things to keep you warm on the slopes, such as a balaclava, hat, neck buff, thin under gloves & good quality ski gloves to keep you warm.

And depending on what you have or can rent on the resort, you may also look into buying your own helmet, goggles, ski or snow boots or skis.

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6. Ski Equipment

You will likely opt to rent most of your ski equipment, but in the case where you might want to get your own gear, we have a range of skis, poles, bags & boots.

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7. Some other reminders on what to pack

We all know skiing is the main purpose of a ski trip, but a ski trip wouldn’t be complete without some après ski, so be sure to remember to pack your regular clothes for after skiing, your chargers and devices to help catch all of the action. Be sure to pack your normal holiday essentials such as your toiletries, gopro attachments and adapters where needed.

We hope this article was helpful and if you do use our checklist be sure to tag us using our social @decathlon_ireland.

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