Discover our Turn Swimming Goggles

Discover all the secrets of the TURN swimming goggles. How to use them, and how to take care of them and store them.
Decathlon Ireland
September 20, 2023


Weather you have already bought or are thinking or purchasing your very own pair of TURN swimming goggles, this blog should give you all you need to know.
These pool goggles are easy to use, comfortable and equipped with an incomparably reliable tightening mechanism adapted to the shape of your head.

Take the time to discover the various parts of your goggles before trying them on.

As you discover the turn swimming goggles, one feature quickly grabs your attention: the tightening thumbwheel. Try it out by tightening and then loosening several times. It's kid's play!


The time has come to slip on this concentrate of technology. First, check that the side clips are in the "closed" position (unlike in the photo on the right of the screen).

Just like with a conventional pair of swimming goggles, put them in position on your face.

The first surprise is that the components of these goggles are very different from those of your older pairs. The rigid temples are not directly adapted to the shape of your head. Don't worry!

Slip your hand behind your head until you find the thumbwheel, then turn it until the goggles fit perfectly! You will feel the templates gradually become tighter until they fit the shape of your head just perfectly.

Do not tighten any more than is necessary, as doing so will result in: a certain discomfort, water ingress into your goggles and some deep red marks at the end of your session.

How to use your pair of TURN swimming goggles


You have found the perfect fit and you have started your session. Well done!

After 200 metres, you want to take a break. When you stop at the end of the pool, you want to take off your swimming goggles but without changing the adjustment. Our design teams have found the answer!

There are clips on each side of your pair of goggles. They can be used to increase the circumference of the goggles by about 2 cm on each side. Press the clips to open them. This method allows you to take off your goggles without losing the thumbwheel setting for a perfect fit.

Check that both clips are locked before you start swimming again.


If your hair is so long that you have to wear a bun and a swimming cap, before you start your session, check that you can position the TURN thumbwheel on the top of your head at the back. If your goggles are positioned too low, the resulting discomfort and water ingress will spoil your session.

Also, refer to the box of your swimming goggles.

How to use your pair of TURN swimming goggles


Did you know that the average lifespan of the anti-fogging treatment on swimming goggles is between 25 and 35 hours? Looking after your goggles also helps them to fog up less quickly!

To increase the lifespan of your swimming goggles, you should rinse them in fresh water after your session, leave them to dry, then store them in their protective case to avoid any contact between the goggles and potential sources of damage (sand, impacts, dust, etc.).

Also, do not rub the interior of your goggles with your fingers! By trying to remove the fog, you run the risk instead of damaging the coating already present on your goggles.

To maximise their lifespan, prevent them from being damaged or scratched due to contact with other objects that could damage the lenses. In other words: do not simply chuck your goggles into your swimming bag after the practice session, even if it is tempting to do so!

Lastly, don't forget that by taking care of your swimming goggles, you won't need to replace the product as often, thus making them more sustainable!

So, now you know all about the TURN swimming goggles. There was nothing to it!
I only have one more piece of advice: dive in and enjoy!


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